Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Do you think it’s so easy to log out? It’s so easy to lock it down at some dingy corner of your heart, throw the key off and totally forget about it?
I accept that years have passed. From a bunch of students who started it, some has become successful professionals. But it is not to easy to forget your passion.
When I type in the words in my CV format, I always write blogging as my hobby. Though now I’m so infrequent that I don’t have any frequency at all. But I still call myself a blogger. And never add “ex” before that word.

And I’m sure I’m not the only one. Either you are with me or you will be with me someday. And that day “The Collage” will rejuvenate. The phoenix will rise from the ashes.

That’s the only reason I still couldn’t press the “delete blog” button.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ekta chhoto prochesta

Well a big thnx to subhro..relly those were d best days...worst days..but days which we want to remember....those fights over small things...long long chats....

lack of passion?
lack of time?
or we just logged out?

may be all of them....may be none of them...

may be the collage no longer exists...now we r all different frames...different snaps....

may be..we just logged out....
Ironically, the last post in this blog is called "Log out". I wonder how everything reaches a peak of its own and dies out. May be in the simple effort of ours, we predicted that we might be logging out .. we will get be getting lost in the folds of time as we go on.. 

I wonder .. I wonder ..if anyone of the original minds will pass by the ruins to discover a old creature sitting to wonder and imagine ..on how we all got "logged out".

May be it is well said "It was the best of times , It was the worst of times". A wierd smell of ginger has stuck with me from tonights dinner, hence excuse me for the lunacy of the the fanatic at 4:30 am in the morning. 

Good morning everyone .. Keep well .. I guess for once and for all ..we are logged out !!