Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Log Out !

There was something we all wanted to speak about.If the aspects of life we all wanted to speak about let us all down , then we would never need a question about our ethics. The blood veins bloated as Qutb and Fadr cracked under pressure. Leisure was not a question , failure was not an option.

In the other end of the line , there were two more people trying to create a bond .A rusty afternoon in rusty old city. Dreams infuriated as these people tried hard to maintain the silence.
It was tick tack toe to the sound of the keyboard. Aspects of life were in question again !

Smallest loss in a worldly city of desires. Wire tangled as we tried to uncover the mystery. Mistake at any point could lead to a loss. Loss of humanity , loss of desire. If the question of life stood up again ?

The very aspect of computing started with the concept of doping a semiconductor. The impurities gave the power to have more speed. Time was running past us , as it always did. It was as if in a moment of truth. Truth was sublime , we could not question the viability of truth being false and false being truth.

If the thermal runaway factor affected the mind , it would explode. The explosion would throw up molten lava all around us. The future would be back in the past. Heart beats lost track of life and took a new path of their own.

What if all of us were numb ? What if all up of were machines ? What if I failed to capture the spirit ? What if a cycle of year would be replaced by a cycle of clock.

All boiled to down to one single question , where to start ? Where to end ? I have lost track of time.


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Euphoric Dreamer said...

wht huh ?

vinay said...

Confusion reigns supreme in the world of desires. as everything seems better than everything else. no one can understand the enigmatic. Life is full of mysteries. The matrix has got you.