Friday, September 01, 2006

The Night

Finally, Rohan had decided to commit suicide. The only question which was in his mind was "How". How should he free himself from these earthy shackles? Though he wanted to die, he didn't want an ugly death. So, he decided to have sleeping pills. To get lost in his dreams forever.

He wore his shirt and sleepers and went out to buy the pills. The day was a cloudy one. The road was muddy with puddles of water in between caused by rain. The whole environment had a grumpy thing associated with it and the sullenness didn't leave the people.
Rohan went to a medicine shop and bought two sleeping pills and after half an hour he had already visited some more medicine shops. He had got around twenty sleeping pills.

"This will do" said Rohan to himself. He went back to his one-roomed flat, the rent of which was unpaid for five months and the landlord was threatening him every other day to throw him out of the room.

Once inside, Rohan sat on his rickety bed and started calculating his assets. Well, he didn't have much to calculate. His bank balance was nothing mentionable. He had a couple of hundred rupees after buying the pills. Other things were not much, too. Nothing more than the minimum requirement of a bachelor living alone. A bed, pillows, some bed sheets, some clothes, some books and magazines, a tape recorder with some cassettes and some stationary. That's all Rohan had managed to acquire in his twenty six years of life.
He absent mindedly picked a book and started browsing through it.
Some photographs came out of it. Priyanka smiling in one of them. In another he and Priyanka in a studio, some more photos, more memories…the happy memories of once.

Rohan checked his cell to see if Priyanka had replied to his sms. But no, the inbox was as empty as his life. He had sms’ed her saying that he was gonna commit suicide and would go far away from her life. He didn't think that Priyanka will come to his arms after reading the sms and will cancel her marriage with Siddartha. All he expected was a call from her : the goodbye call.

When he came back to the mortal life from his reverie, he felt he was tremendously hungry. And why not, it was six already. He had had his breakfast long ago and didn't have any lunch. He decided to have his last meal luxuriously. After all he wouldn't need any money from tomorrow.

After having a filling Chinese meal and some pegs of vodka, Rohan, a bit tipsy, came back at ten. Priyanka hadn't called or sms’ed so far. "Why" thought Rohan, "Why doesn't she make a single call. Is that too much to ask? Anyway..."
He changed into his pajamas and got the pills. He drank a gulp of water and took out a pill...

The phone started ringing.

To be continued...


Hiren said...

Very well described but the end reminds you of certain situations in hindi movies which are concocted deliberately to delay and create further misunderstandings. Otherwise, its a case of man proposes, god disposes.

The Nameless One said...

Quite nicely told.

Needs some corrections, though.