Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Letter-3

They walked a distance to the ancient ruins of the rulers in Sikkim.
A lot seemed to have changed , they had matured.The trails of time had taken their toll on them.They had taken their own path to destiny after leaving the collage days.The small group of friendship they shared seemed to be carried forward or atleast they wanted to carry it forward.

They wanted to forget the distances that had grown between them, be it mental , physical or sheer monetary distances.

One person who had all the luck and ended up with a fat salary and whose clients sponsored holiday trips to foriegn locations for him. Another who did not have much to look forward to in life , he took life on a daily basis and his pertinent friends were vodka and his friday nights were seldom celebrated anywhere else than over a bottle of vodka in someplace else.He did not worry about future, he was too busy chasing his dreams.

The other person had landed in a okayish job and led his life in quite seclusion.He sometimes thought of the person whom he considered best friend and often really said to himself that he loved her.That person was caring enough to sense it but never really expressed it.He wanted to touch her , hold her and may be go further than that with her.May be his reason for seclusion was his fallout with her.

She was not in charge of her life. She had given in to constant pressures from her home and agreed to marry. After all , she thought that was her prime objective in life, to marry and breed forward a worthy race.Not that she did not at all understand the sentiment of the other person ,but she wasnt really sure.After all she could not really wait for the other person the whole life.She would be marrying in few months and probably heading towards the states with her rich hubby.

But they walked, some times together and sometimes a long distance apart.The jokes subsided as the silence crept into their minds.It was an awkward atmosphere to say the least.Vicky and Subir moved forward and Avi and Pri was slowly following their paths.The path was narrow and was through the dense rain forest which covered the slopes.The Caretaker had warned them of leeches and not wander too far into the forest.All of them put their steps carefully.

Avi was longing to speak to Priya but amidst all the silence really could not get the words out of his mouth.
Suddenly priya spoke , "How do you like the place ?"
Avi said in
his usual manner "It's awesome but nothing compared to the beauty which walks before
Priya gave a smile but awkwardly did not dismiss Avi's flirtatous comments as

non-sense.Instead , she said "Give me reasons".

Vicky and Subir had moved a long way
forward , Avi looked upon priya as he moved forward and kissed Priya in a sudden move.Priya closed her eyes and really gave into Avi's arms.Really they had broken the barrier between them.

Avi spoke out softly "I love you , priya and I could conquer all my
fear to be with you".
Priya slowly said , " I am glad that you said that before I got

They moved forward.The blush in both of their faces where evident.Vicky and Subir sensed it , but did not possess the courage to say it.Priya seemed to be lost in her world as Vicky cracked through his PJ's.
The ruins were beautiful.Peling was the second capital of
sikkim and ruins really showed their glory days.

to be continued...


The Nameless One said...

I have recently joined this blog. I have a few questions and requests :

1) Will a single story or concept be taken forward on and on or will a new story be introduced when the ongoing ends? If a new story is to be started who will decide when is the best moment to start one?

2) What will be the order of posting? I mean, can anyone post whenever they want and also post successively? Or is there a particular order and some rules to be heeded to?

3) Would I have to inform the other members before posting about what I am going to post or to which twist I am taking the story to or is it entirely upon my own discretion?

4) Its an earnest request to my fellow members to stop using SMS language and other illegal crude-sounding manifestation of the English Language. I also advise them to check the spellings before posting.

5) Will my name be added to The Contributors list after I post?

6) I request contributors not to end the stories soon and make it predictable.

7) A period of 10 days should be given to the contributors to come up with the mext episode.

All the contributors : Please answer as soon as possible. I will be waiting...

Euphoric Dreamer said...
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Anonymous said...

the kiss was too odd and too sudden !! not fitting with d previous two entries !!


The Lord of the Strings said...

i didn't like the kissing part
feel the story could have been taken a bit more ahead
there dusn't seem 2 b something else to gpo ahead with

nd i agree with bubai about the sms lingo
it sucs

Anonymous said...

the kissing part is simply awefull....

Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

i was going ot comment about how this particualr entry binded the story togther and gave it context but as i got to the kissing bit i thought it was too premature from the writer - you didnt allow the story to develop..although i understand your need to direct it before it was given to another writer, still.

you write very well - i think the kissing bit was too rushed like someone else mentioned previously but you can save it!

The Lord of the Strings said...

i won't say the kissing part was aweful
but maybe it was inappropriate at that particular stage
but u hav got some writing skills man
i like ur style

Euphoric Dreamer said...

ok ! thanx for appreciating and not for appreciating !

You see with experience people learn.
The kiss was sudden and it was really intended to me.May be it may not be according to some other writers storyline. I guess thats why this kinda of group effort is so very gripping.Every person thinks alike.

@ek aanjaan ladki : I guess may be it was premature,may be I did not get the sense of it as someone else might have got.

@prit and anonymous : We all learn from our mistakes and we all have definite styles.

And some people have asked me to resign ? Wht is it ..greg chappell policy.
Lets write and keep it writing ..
talk less write more ..
And when's my next turn i await it but one thing .. i really refuse to take the plot from someone else's mind