Saturday, May 20, 2006

Letter 7

As the shimmering flames of candles where swallowed amongst the dark minds of the beholders.The night progressed.They were not used to such darkness and such silence amongst the darkness.

The road ran just outside the guest house , the only road that dissected the small hilly town of peling.It was not really the season for visitors and so the town was almost free of usual tourists.The inhabitants of the hilly town was handful.The only noise that reached them was the noise of insects chanting away thier savouring songs. An occasional jeep disturbed the orchestra.

The setting was perfect for them to move forward in life.But with each page of the letter being told , they seemed to open an untold chapter in their life.The chapter which they like the shimmering candle flame lay eclipsed in some shadowy corner of thier life.

As the limelight faded of Vicky , it shifted to Subir.He was the most shadowy person in thier life.After college no one really cared for him.In the dark alleys of life.He found himself lay trodden riding against the wave of reality.

He spoke out breaking the silence with a measured voice.Three pairs of inquistive eyes lay fixed on him.The smoke from the cigarette vicky was smoking seemed to form a mist accross the table.It was dark outside where the mist was evident, it was dark inside , in the room and in Subir's heart.He wanted to spread the darkness.

This was what Subir said without wasting a word

"Dear Sneha,

Life plays trickkery at every turn.Some find it good and some find it bad.Life is long enough to commit mistakes and correct them.I am not sure about reaction to this letter.You have always wanted to know more about me , havent you ? You never really asked but your eyes gave away.

In business , the producer and the consumer never exchange words except the commodity.You sell sex , I bought it from you.Our story could have ended there in the dirty brothel hut.I could have never come back to you.Our story did not end there.Night after night I came back to you and only you.You never questioned , its not a rule in your life to question the likes of people.Your eyes said time and again to me in midst of our passionate exchanges ..bring me to life.It was evident that life had betrayed you.

Life betrays everyone , time and again.Love fades aways into
the shallow waters of betrayal.You understood my preferences in food , drink and music very easily as we spent time together.I touched you , I played with your body , I kissed you.But you never really questioned.Your painful looks put hooks of into my skins , bleeding me as I put seeds of time inside you.

Do all dark alleys end in a dead end ? Did I fall in love with you ?
Did smell the soul inside your body.I know you have been cut , dissected and played with in our life a lot.But in my arms I saw you relax.I saw you find dignity amidst my looks.You cried often but never really spoke.You did not really want to share ,but I wanted to listen.

Quite calm shadows that we cast in time were shady but however were permanent.Respect for me comes from the inner souls of mankind.I respected you , I really did.And my love for you shone more and more into prominence as I growed close to you.

I wanted to take you aways from the shades . put you in colour and give you a new life your eyes asked from you.But claws of society are deep, I wanted to rebel, voiceless rebellian against society by marrying you, by giving you a name.

Its life and life again which calls the shots in the game.I am going
away from this place for the shear fact I will die.Sooner or later , I shall close my eyes to call of death.

In the this last letter of mine , I seal it with drops of my blood.I seal it with purity of my tears and with it lies a new life for you.Your eyes spoke to me , I read them.I cant reward with arraige.But that all dear.

From ,

( Enclosed with the letter was a will of inheritance and lawyers address for her way to new
life ).

Subir gasped as he reached out for the water bottle , and drank the cold water.The reaction from his friends seemed to be as cold as the water.

The extended eyes seemed to put a strange question put forward to him. No one questioned , no one dared to question and moments of silence followed his long narration.It was all to odd for Subir , to be in the limelight.He was sure someone thought it was his story, it wasnt he told himself.

Priya stood up and opened the window as the clouds flowed into the room.It has been a long day, it was too much to accept mentally.In the mountains she had lost track of time and she seemed to want to delibarety, loose it. She called upon Avi , and said "look can you see the Kanchanguanga ?".Avi nodded impracticaly.The moonlight on the snowclad mountain cast a magical spell and warm hearts. In thier hearts , they soaked in the drops of mountain mist and enjoying their new found love.Priya thought , after all these years ,she was happy as she could be, having the magical words from her choiced friend.The list of adjective that grown from unknown to being a friend and best friend , had finally turned them into lovers.But what next ? She did not want to think.

Vicky called back and with a sudden thrust ," Hey you inseparable friends , can we get back to the table and close that window, its cold at night when your 14000 feet above sea level if you dont remember." She walked back and in her mind thought she could not even tell Vicky that Avi had
confessed his love for her ,how would she face it back home.It was her choice , completely her choice.

Avi closed the windows and walked back , the candle seemed to hurt a bit his eyes after the glorious moon had cast a sweet smell on his life.

Night moved forward in the peaceful quite hilly town in north sikkim.Life for people there seemed to have come to pause except for four souls who were ruthlessly engaged in a game which was unconvincingly wierd and yet had a thrill. They all wanted to read the letter they had found in
a chance.It was continuation that followed.

To be Continued

There might be some spelling mistakes , will read and correct them later for its 2:30 at night now :)


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Bravo! Excellent! Fantastic! Inarguably the best post among all!

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i'm speechless.....awesome post man!!!!

awesome...just a bit spelling mistake...u write collage when u meant college, and shouldn't it be 3 pairs of eyes or 6 eyes on subir???than 6 pairs of eyes????

but these are trivial things, ur post is awesome, simply superb!!

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