Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Letter-5

Priya was telling everyone," this is the last time I'm telling u about this. don't bug me again!! see, this is a sealed letter i got in my drawer. and it's the sender's and receiver's name written on it. and the game is that each of us will guess what's wriiten in it and will tell the story behind this letter. also he/she has to explain why the letter was never opened. ok??any questions??"

subir dizzyly asked,"onl a simple question"
Priya gave him a exaspirated look and said," shoot"
Subir:"why don't we play something interesting?"
priya was going to say something but Avi took the lead and said,"Subir, thanks to ur stonedness you have not noticed that we have played antakshari for so long and now we are bored to death..and it's the only thing that seems interesting. ok?"
seeing subir's nodding head priya said," so let's start. who's first?"
everyone was looking at each other with a questioing look. Avi broke the silence and said, "ok. i'm starting. Priya tell me what's written on the envelope?"

Priya:" to Sneha Banerjee
Ashim Bose"
Avi:"it seems a hand delivered letter, there's no postage stamp on it,"

vicky."thank u mr Holmes. but it'd be better if u start ur story and postpone the investigation"
Avi said,"ok ok..just give me 5 minutes to think. ok?" and he lighted a ciggerate. inhaling a long puff from the goldflake he started thinking what can he say...
and then suddenly the idea came to hiis's a golden oppertunity to speak out his heart. he knows that he has no chance, but still ...something from within was asking him to tell Priya about his emotions.. taking a second puff, he spoke up,"Ashim and Sneha were friends since their childhood"
everyone started paying attention to him ...and Avi continued..
"Ashim and Sneha were grew up together..and they used to be each other's best friend. Ashim never realized that he has hots for Sneha untill .." he was interrupted by Subir, "come on, Avi, don't tell us the story of Devdas mordenized"
priya adomnished him with an irritating voice,"shut up and let him continue"

this gave Avi more interest and he carried on," Ashim realized that he has a soft corner for Sneha when he got the news that Sneha is getting married.. He tried to talk with her many times but she was busy with her marriage shopping or talking with her distant aunts. and when she got some free time, Avi couldn't ge tthe courage to talk about his emotions."

vicky,"u meant to say Ashim couldn't ..."
Avi :" huh?yes i meant Ashim, sorry!!
Ashim finally decided to write her a letter and after thinking for a long time he found the words and started writing...

I don't know how should I write this letter. nor I'm very clear why I'm writing it. but to be very frank, i just don't have any alternatives. I've to simply write it.
sneha, u r the one I grew up with. you are the one who was always with me, be it stealing guavas form the neighbour's garden or sharing the pain when my 1st girlfriend ditched me. thanks for all the time. i always took it for granted that you'll always be with me. I never cared u specially. but now I understand ho special you were to me, and you still are.

when I heard the news about your marriage, at first I was happy for you. then i understod that your marriage means that i'll loose you for ever, the relationship will never be the same.. and I realized , for the 1st time in my life, that I love you. I was so stupid not to realize it long ago..

I tried to talk to you about this, but i just couldn't. I know how happy you are about the marriage. and I don't want to shock you..
Sneha, you marry the one you are suppossed to...I'm Just writing this to tell U that I love you and I'll always do..
be happy
your friend for a day and ever,

and ashim sealed the letter."

Avi finished the story. he realized that he has probably made it too obvious. he could see at priya's face that she has got the message. suddenly, subir spoke up," Avi, what hapened then??did ashim gave Sneha the letter?and if he did, why it's still sealed?why didn't she read it?"

Avi was kind of haapy to be able to send the message, and so he thought to give the story a funny twist and said," well..Ashim never gave this letter to Sneha. He thought of doing so the next day, but he woke up next day to find that Sneha has eloped with a third guy. Ritesh, her secret lover."

"hahahhahaha!!!" vicky burst out laughing, " i was getting irritated by your mushy love story but what an end!!!!!!oh!!! entartaining!!!!!!!!!!"
Priya and Subir was also smiling...and then Priya said," Vicky, you are the next."

to be continued...

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Euphoric Dreamer said...

the story ..seems to be going in very predetermined way !
Good !