Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Letter

Avi was walking.
It was about 5 past 30 in the morning.The luxurious green by the road, the sounds of crickets, the chilly weather, the lonesome road, the view of the snowy peaks....Avi was being seduced by Pelling. and he kept on walking.

He was thinking. thinking about the suddeness of the trip. He was a bit reluctant to come when Subir told him about this a week ago. But now, he felt happy that he gave in finally to the combine pressure of his friends. actually, he was getting pissed by the attitude of all his family at Kolkata, and he was also getting a bit irritated these days. And one of those days, Subir called him up.

Avi:" hello?"
Subir:" hi, avi. it's subir here."
Avi: oh yes!! such a pleasant surprise to get ur call. so....what made u call me after such a long time?
Subir: long time???u call 2 months long time????
A: well!!!2 monthes seems long, if u used to talk almost everyday. anyway, come to the point.
S: that's better. actually I met Vicky yesterday. he asked me if I'm interested to go on a short vacation.
A: wow!!vacation sounds so welcome. u. me and Vicky???we'll rock man!!shall I pack my bags???
S:wait, wait!!let me tell u the whole story.
A:ok ok. shoot!!
S: actually Vicky has some client who owns a hotel in pelling. and as vicky has done hin lots of favour about his income taxes, he ants vicky to go and relax some days at his hotel . and he's said that he can take some friends, too. and the best thing is that the whole thing would be on the house!!!!
A: wow!! vicky rocks!! is anyone else is accompanying??
S: well, do one thing, call vicky . he can tell u details about it.

avi called vicky and got to know that priya would also go with them. priya wanted shaon to come with them. too. but she has some business with her in laws and so she won't be able to come. so only four of them would go on this tour.
avi was thinking about priya. she had a soft corner for her in the final years of college.but no one knew about that
. so he was thinking whether he should go or not. the prospect of spending some days with priya excited him. but the fact that priya was about to marry in a few months, put him in a kind of dilemma. could he control himself???
so he gave some excuses and said that he probably couldn't make it. but his friends were expert in making someone surrender.and he couldn't help but agree when priya called him to say that she would be delighted if avi agrees to go, coz avi was the boy priya was closet to in college.

the journey was a smooth one. they only had to pay for their train fairs. vicky's client has arranged for a car to fetch them from the station to the hotel in pelling. the view was simply mindblowing. and after reaching the hotel last afternoon they were warmly welcomed by the manger of the hotel. the guys were given a specious room. the manager wanted to give them three separate room. but they insist to share the same room. they said, sharing the same room is the biggest fun when friends are together. and priya was staying in the room adjacent to us. but most of the time priya spends in their room.

avi checked his watch. it was 6 am. he decided to go back to the hotel, coz they are supposed to go out at 6:30.
he met vicky in the lobby.
v: hey, where have u gone??must be ur usual morning walk?
a: bull's eye. anyway, where's the rest of the gang??
v: they are waiting for u in the dining hall. i was going to fetch u in. it's time for break fast.
a:oh man!! u got such a good client.
and they came to the hall to have their food.
priyanka was loking gorgeous in her black denim, and blue jacket. she smiled at them .
p: so where are we going now???
s: i know i know. i've asked the manager. we are gonna see some falls and a lake etc etc.
v: falls and lakes...uff don't people get bored by seeing lots of waterfalls, they all look same to me.
p:what r u saying?I find them fascinating. and i'm sure avi will also agree with me.
a: absoloutely priya!!
v: but i preffer a good chat with the gang, good food accompanied by chilled beer and vodka than seeing a no. of falls. after all we're having a vacation. why run all the time.
s: i agree!! but what's the harm in seeing something the place is famous for. and we have the whole afternoon and night for us.
v: that's right
a: ok so it's over. let's go.
and they went out sightseeing.
(to be continued)


Euphoric Dreamer said...

get ur names right ..
priya suddenly becomes priyanka !

ME said...

Everything's good.
However Dwaipayan, you need to re-check the spelling mistakes and the use of "she" instead of "he" in the post, etc.

Please republish after making the necessary correction.

Plus I think you should abide by any one set of abbreviations for Avi, Vicky and the others; ie, either "Avi" or "A" or "a" for Avi and not use them all. It does not look good.

I think you don't need to use the abbreviations at all 'cause the names are pretty much short.. if you would've used longer names like Ernest, Rudrapratap you could've shortened them to Ern, Rudra respectively. Hope you got my point.

The choice, however, is obviously yours. I think Nabanita's done something similar.. maybe that's the style now-a-days, writting names with small letters and not Capital letters.

Anonymous said...

ektu beshi details e likhechis re dwai !!


Ek Anjaan Ladki said...

i agree with Me's post - I thought avi was a she at one point!! also, the start is good - but spellings and punctuation need to be on par too. great start though :)