Monday, May 29, 2006

The Letter - 9

A tattered old piece of paper slid out of the envelope. The sheet was yellowing and showed frays at its ends. Four pairs of scrambling hands attempted to open it, all at the same time. The pulsing excitement was now at its peak - rushing adrenaline were now at the point of no return - they had to see it, no matter what.



I don't know why I did what I did. Its just that I feel contented now. A bit unsatisfied too - but that's just because you didn't make my story come true.

I only know that it is going to happen again - in this same room. You made me do it and you will force his hand too. I hate you - why don't you free me from this curse?

I see you when I look into the mirror - I feel you when I am alone - I hear you when everything's silent - Why don't you let me rest?

You made me do what I did. And I know you are not sorry for making me do what I did.

God will bless the souls of my four friends...but how will mine be purged?

Enough will not repeat this fiendish act again. I am going to end this pain of mine. And since you are me and I am you, you are going to end too.

Just stop making stories true.




"What a f***ing strange letter!", moaned Vicky. Avi complained, "I didn't understand a bit..." while Subir retorted, "After all it is supposed to mean to the person the letter is addressed to, isn't it?". Priya only nodded, but to whose comment, no one understood.

And the night passed away.

The Morning Herald

29th May, Monday, 2006

Staff Reporter, Reuters : Brutal murders took place yesterday night at a private hotel in Pelling. Police were informed about the homicides by the residing manager. The incident first came to his notice when one of the waiters' returned saying that the door to Room No. 111 was locked.. The manager himself had then gone there to check. On forcing the door open after repeated knocking for fifteen minutes he had found the three tourists and an unknown person sprawled on the floor. They seemed to have been stabbed with savage ferocity with a sharp weapon. He had immediately called the police. The victims were later confirmed dead. Police took away the bodies soon after to a local morgue for post-mortem. Official investigators suspect the motive to be a love 'quadrangle'. An incriminating piece of evidence, a letter written anonymously, was found at the crime site. According to it the girl who was engaged had a secret liason with one of her companions while the third one fancied her. In a shocking turn of events, the girl's fiancée also had arrived the previous evening to announce his breakup. The ensuing altercation between them took a violent turn and resulted in the gruesome murder of the four youths. Detectives presume the letter to be a false piece of evidence meant to mislead the investigation. The manager reports that one of the companions was missing. Investigators suspect him to be the perpetrator of these ghastly killings but till now all trails leading up to him have led to dead ends. With panic and fear running high in the minds of locals this is surely going to adversely affect the booming tourism industry in the sleepy town of Pelling.

Ten years later.

28th May, Sunday , 2016.

Paradise Hotel, Pelling.

Room no : 111.


Four friends sitting in a circle on the bed with a letter.

Sunayana started, "I found this letter in the drawer today you know...let us guess what's in the would be like a game of a sort - atleast until the electricity comes back."

"Is there any name of a sender or receiver written on the envelope? I mean, that can be a clue...", commented Partho, looking at the letter with eager eyes in the light of the candle.

"I think we should start only if someone gives me a bottle of rum - I think better when I am drunk...", exclaimed Krish.

"Its written - From Subir, To Sneha - does this deserve to be called a clue?", chuckled Sunayana. She resumed, "I think it will be better if you start with your version Ashim...".

A weird smile curled in his frail lips. He didn't know why but he suddenly felt that he had seen the letter somewhere before.

--- * ---

Meanwhile elsewhere...

"You have egged me on - made me commit horrendous sins - made me flee from the police and everyone - what do you still want? I am going to end this pain of mine today. And since you are me and I am you, you are going to end too.", said Subir, decisively.

He just didn't understand that we aren't black or white afterall - just different shades of gray. Questioning why we wear these human suits to hide our inner demons don't bring any answer in the end.

And with every ending will come a starting,

When the king and the pawn will unite for another parting.


dwaipayan said...

amazing!!!!!!what an end!!!!!but r u sure the 10yrs latter letter is from subir to sneha and not subir to priya??

The Lord of the Strings said...

i'm confused

Nabanita said...

the end is surprising...what a twist... but i am confused...sushir r u sure that 10yrs later the letter is from subir to sneha not subir to priya? thoooough the end is sudden...but honesty i am confused

Euphoric Dreamer said...

lovely ending !
The thrill of unpredictability is amazing !
The ending is just too good !
Your a professional ..!

Jessica said...

Interesting story!